Xavier Nicod draws an endless source of inspiration from his travels, and his style – eclectic with a hint of the exotic – can be seen in each of his creations, be it a farmhouse, a city apartment or yet an hotel. His designs are the expression of the sum of his experiences as both an observant traveller and an antique dealer in the 21st century. He skillfully juggles these multiple influences, to arrive at a delicate balance between opulence and simplicity, luxury and innocence, the transient and the timeless.

Xavier is attentive to the history and environment of each new project, incorporating its best features for an authentic and harmonious result. Where necessary, the layout is revised to allow free and fluid movement within the living area. Openings and lighting, both primary concerns, are studied to complement the decor and soften the boundaries between the interior and the exterior.

With disconcerting ease and obvious pleasure, Xavier makes precise, intuitive decisions, selecting colours and fabrics, choosing furniture and decorative pieces, to achieve exclusive, tailor-made interiors. The homes and living spaces he creates are timeless: tasteful, bold and elegant with a bohemian edge.